Friday, March 14, 2008


Not that anyone is counting, but did you know that there are only 77 days until the 2008 World Tea Expo? The weather in Las Vegas is starting to warm up and Spring is definitely in the air - May 30th will be here before we know it!


1. Tea Purchasing

2. Pricing, Selling, and Tracking for Profit

3. 2008 World Tea Expo: Annual State-of-the-Industry Report

4. Tea & Chocolate Pairing

5. How to Conduct a Successful Tea Tasting

6. Health Benefits of Tea 2008

7. Selling Outside the Box

8. Tea as a Culinary Ingredient

9. Merchandising - Your Silent Salesperson & Secret Weapon, taught by Elizabeth Knight

10. The Profound World of Pu-erh

Our new Skill Building Workshops are selling exceptionally well. The Blending Workshop on Saturday was the first session to SELL OUT at 64 attendees. We added a second Blending Workshop for Sunday afternoon. Both the Cupping Workshop and Brewing/Serving Workshop are proving to be extremely popular as well.


The first-ever World Tea Championship™ (WTC) will take place at the 2008 World Tea Expo. The WTC is separated into two classes: Hot Tea and Iced Tea.

The WTC is open to all exhibitors. Don't miss this excellent opportunity to showcase your teas! Click here for information on how to enter.

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Roger said...

Thanks for launching your blog. Now in addition to following your newsletters, I can track your other tea musings. I'm definitely a fan.